UNSTUCK by Unscripted


Feeling STUCK?

In your photography?

Your budding business?

Your creativity?

It’s time to peel that gum off your shoe and to start walking forward, one easy-breezy, unsticky step at a time…

…with coaches by your side and friends cheering you on.

If you’re ready to stop being frustrated, clear out the noise, have confidence in your work and feel inspired on the daily - you’re in THE RIGHT PLACE.

Let us tell you why…

We know how it feels to be stuck. We’ve both been there. We’ve felt our work is stale. We’ve thought about closing the doors of our businesses because it’s just. too. hard. We’ve lost sleep over trying to keep up with the Photography Jones’. We’ve struggled being moms while also running a photography business in our ‘spare’ time (laughable! what mom has spare time?!?) We’ve banged our heads against our desks because we knew something was off but had no way to figure out what it was and had nobody to ask.

You’ve spent countless pennies (hundred dollar bills??) on courses and memberships that promised all you had to do was follow the x-y-z formula and you too would be a photography superstar. Only to realize that it’s a) not possible and b) you had no support.

Guess what?


What there is (and it works), is HARD WORK, BRAVE LEAPS, CONSISTENCY and BABY STEPS.

We’re not here to sugar coat things for you and promise you instant success.

We’re here to be your COACHES. To get in that sticky, goopy mud WITH YOU and to help you figure out how to lift one foot up and move it forward an inch. Inches add up to feet which add up to miles, and before you know it, together, we’ve dug you out of the mud.


  • Looked at your work and felt confident that that you were on the right path?

  • Were provided with gentle, personalized, guidance to help you move forward with your storytelling?

  • Didn’t waste hours every week scrolling Instagram wondering why your photos don’t look like so-and-sos and then finally turn your phone off feeling 100% deflated?

  • Knew that building your business wasn’t going to be easy, but that you had the support you needed to keep moving along and to start the snowball effect?

  • Had a place to ask your burning questions about your art, your business and your editing? A place that gave you access to 2 coaches via video so you could ask follow up questions and make sure you received the full answer?

If you’re ready to do the work and be supported doing it, then UNSTUCK is for you.

Inside UNSTUCK you’ll get all of Unscripted’s e-books, plus new e-books on specific topics released quarterly. Access to a collection of SLUMP BUSTERS - creativity exercises for when you need a boost. Connection with Kelly + Jenny via alternating weeks of live Q+A calls (that are also recorded for you) and hot seat photo review recordings. PLUS, continuous community via our exclusive members-only group.


  1. Want an easy to implement 1-2-3 step program that tells you can be famous in 28 days or less

  2. Want to stay in your own bubble and not interact with Kelly + Jenny and the community. (What makes UNSTUCK different is that you AREN’T in this alone!)

  3. Already feel like you have it 100% figured out and can’t use any help on your journey.

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"I learnt how to critique my own work.

I now 'see' things that I never noticed before and I am thinking with purpose when I shoot. I am so much more confident in my photography and I'm branching out with that confidence." // Cheryl, weekly group critique alumni

When you join UNSTUCK by Unscripted today, you get access to:

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A dashboard that is available on your computer, phone or iPad.

• Unlimited access to all Unscripted e-books

• New Slump Buster e-books with eight creativity exercises released quarterly

• New e-books released quarterly. In-depth teaching on specific topics to help you master your skills.

• Bi-weekly live Q + A calls with Kelly + Jenny where you can ask anything that's on your mind (we’ll answer as many questions as we can in 30 min), plus an archive of all previous calls.

• Bi-weekly Hot Seat Photo Reviews where Kelly + Jenny will give helpful feedback to your image submissions. (we’ll review as many photos as we can in 45 min) plus an archive of all previous reviews.

• A Business Bundle of 10 tutorials to help your business grow.

• Monthly shooting themes with tips, tricks, before and afters and pull backs.

• An exclusive Facebook group for UNSTUCK members.



BUT WAIT! Who are my coaches in this?

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 10.22.46 AM.png

Meet Jenny Rusby + Kelly Marleau

We're here to tell you that you CAN do it, but that it's not going to be easy. We know this, because we didn't rocket to photography superstardom ourselves. Instead, we slogged through the mud of learning photography and building successful businesses - businesses that provide for our families and also make us actually happy inside. That's what we want for you. We don't sugar coat and we won't tell you that you can have everything you want in a hot second. We're here to hold your hand and help you through the messy work, so that you too can come out on the other side.

We have a love for unscripted (see what we did there?), natural, cheese-free photos that are chock full of emotion and real-life moments. We're obsessed with capturing our own kids as they grow (for the record: they are growing too fast!) and we also both provide casual, in-home and on-location photo sessions for other families through our businesses.  

We met over five years ago while working on our first 365 projects (we both have a serious love for personal projects and know the power they hold). We set up our businesses at the same time and have been able to support each other through all the ups and downs and all the stages of making them successful. We’ve taken numerous photography and business workshops, classes, mentorships and have been through A LOT! We’re here to save you some time and money, and share what we’ve learned along the way. 


“Kelly and Jenny are such amazing mentors and their feedback is not only the highlight of my week but has been so incredible for my growth as a photographer.

Join this group and learn from the best, gain the skills to capture your life beautifully, and grow your skills every week!” // Shannon, weekly group critique alumni

Thanks, but maybe later…

Yes, you COULD wait and join us later (when you have more time, more money, more focus, etc….we’ve heard it all….), but here’s why you shouldn’t:

  1. Doors are only open until XXXX for FOUNDING MEMBERS. What’s a FOUNDING MEMBER, you say? It means you’re part of the very first members of UNSTUCK and you’ll be joining at a never-see-it-again price. We’re serious….doors will never open again at this rate, and your rate will never go up as long as you’re a member.

  2. We believe so strongly that we can help you, that we’ll refund you after 6 months if you don’t feel you’re receiving what you need. BUT, you have to show us you’ve done the work. You must submit at least 2 questions and 2 photos for review each month for 6 months…..because you can’t see progress if you don’t do the work. #truth

  3. You'll continue to bang your head against the wall and not move forward.

  4. You won't see growth.

  5. You'll KNOW what you want but can't figure out how to get there.

  6. Your business will continue to take up too much time for no money - you'll continue to work for free in sacrifice of your family.

You have questions. We have answers.

  • How do I join? You can do that right here. Easy peasy.

  • What currency is your membership in? US dollars.

  • Some of your calls are live…what if I can’t make it live? We’ve got you covered! We’ll always send you the times ahead of time so you can plan, but if you can’t make it, we get it. We’re busy moms with lives too. You can pre-submit your questions and your photos for review and we’ll record the calls and then put them all in the archives for you to watch at your leisure.

  • Where should I be in my journey to join you? Great question! You should have a DSLR, be comfortable shooting in manual mode (or at minimum know the basics of the exposure triangle), and have a love for storytelling photography. We’d love work with you if you’re a hobbyiest photographer or if you’re just starting a business and need help digging through the weeds of setting your business up and gaining your initial clients.

  • What commitment do you require? To get the most out of your membership and your time working with us, a commitment of a year is required. This will give you access to Kelly + Jenny for 52 weeks, new e-books, Slump Busters and endless advice in the Facebook group. Over time, we’ll also become much more familiar with your work, your strengths and your areas that can be improved, so you’ll receive more and more personalized feedback from us as your membership continues. After 12 months, your membership will renew at the same interval you selected during enrolment, with the option to cancel.

  • I see you have a members-only Facebook Group. What if I’m not on Facebook? We get it! (Kelly hasn’t been on Facebook for years!). Although there will be community discussion on Facebook, we’ll ensure that any learning-related content we post there will also be available to you in the main dashboard or via an email summary. You will miss out on community conversation, but we’re confident you’ll still see the value in the membership content that is not on Facebook.

  • Will I get instant access once I join? You bet! Once you join, you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. You’ll use those log-in credentials when visiting the UNSTUCK portion of our website.