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Who actually invented the word FREEBIES? It’s sort of obnoxious isn’t it?

We’ll tell you what is not obnoxious though…..THE ACTUAL FREEBIES.

You know we don’t like to hold anything back, right? We’re all about transparency within the photography industry and we’ll share with you as much knowledge as we possibly can so that we can ALL be successful. Because being successful together is so much more fun than standing on a mountaintop alone.

So, how about a whole whack of things that will help you?

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  • how batch work can help you

  • Jenny’s 2018 year in review (oooofff, she has some good stories in this one!)

  • it’s ok to change you mind: going from posed to lifestyle newborn sessions

  • an exclusive freebie to work 2:1 with us!

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