Quick Tip Roundup - September

photography quick tips.jpg

Missed some of the quick tips we posted on Instagram this month? Here they are, all in one place for you!

  • Once you've grabbed your shot of the family in whatever set up you have them in, MOVE CLOSER. Without moving the people at all, look for the details and the connections and see if you can eek out a few more images without your clients (or your family if you're a hobbyist) having to move at all. - Kelly

  • As a photographer, I love the creative side of shooting and editing sessions, and telling my client’s stories, but unfortunately shooting and editing sessions isn’t going to build my business. I try to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes a day during the week to work on the non-creative stuff to help build and grow my business...updating my website, blogging, working on my SEO, connecting with local businesses, etc. It might not always be fun, but if 30min a day helps me get clients so I can get back to the fun and creative stuff, I make sure to put the time in! - Jenny

  • If you always make the same adjustments to your images, or make the same tweaks to purchased presets, save those adjustments and tweaks as a USER PRESET. A few clicks making your tweaks may only take a few seconds and not seem like a big deal when you're only editing a few images, but when you have a whole session (or multiple sessions) to edit, those few seconds, turn into minutes, which turn into hours and days quite quickly! Want to save even more time??? Apply your user preset upon import and that's one less click per image you'll need to make! -Jenny

  • Even when it seems there might not be framing opportunities, they might be there but are hiding. Take a step back (or a few steps, or 10 steps) and see if you can find something to add visual interest to your image. If you're outside can you get behind foliage or work around a building? What about using another person to help frame and add context? Get low and see if things change. Take the safe image first - in this scenario is was just a plain beach image with a straight horizon - then MOVE and see what you can find. - Kelly .

  • I often joke with my clients that you shouldn't trust a photographer who doesn't have a stash of stuff in her bag. What do you carry in your bag? 90% of the time at family sessions I have bubbles and a few small candies (sweet tarts as they aren't messy) and sometimes I'll even have packages of Hot Wheels or little bracelets - things that I can pull out when I need a distraction or a reason to keep a kids' attention. There are sessions that I don't touch what's in my bag and others that I pull it ALL out - it really just depends, but it's better to have it than to be stuck without. - Kelly

  • Don't be afraid to get it wrong. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't even try to be perfect. If you want to grow, you have to try new things. You have to take chances. You have to be willing to get things wrong. When you are willing to get it wrong, you'll be getting it wrong on the path to getting it right. Double tap if you agree. - Jenny

  • It's okay to ask for help! It's okay to outsource! It's okay not to be great at everything! You don't need to do ALL.THE.THINGS!
    So many of us photographers don't come from a business background, and that's okay. But we need to know where our skills lie and where we need help. If financials aren't your thing, hire an accountant. If the admin stuff gets you down, hire a VA. If marketing makes your head hurt, hire a marketing specialist. There are editors, graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, seo specialists, social media experts...all ready and waiting to help YOU!
    And BONUS TIP, if you're charging appropriately and a sustainable rate, the costs for these services should be built into your session fees. Which means you still make money and you're left stress free and with more time to focus on the things you love. -Jenny

  • What have you done for your business today? When running your photography business on your own, especially when you’re just starting out, your to-do list can be a bit overwhelming and it can feel like you’re working ALL.THE.TIME! But you shouldn’t be working all day everyday and into the night. A bit of advice is to break down your list into mini goals and aim to do one thing a day. It can be as simple as sending an email, editing 5 photos, writing a blog post or updating your website. You’ll feel accomplished crossing something off the list every day and if time permits, you can move onto the next task. - Jenny

  • It's easy to get caught up in the portraits of baby, but always take a few moments (and a few steps back!) to document reality. Discarded soothers, tossed aside burp clothes, drying bottles and jumping-around-big-siblings are all worth documenting. Yes, the baby is the star, but these types of sessions are so rich in story and if you don't pay attention you might just miss it. - Kelly