The Unexpected

We all know the things we love to shoot, and we know the ingredients that are needed to create those magical images we love.

For me, it’s all about the moment. Inside or outside, in a pretty location or not, with one person or multiple, I really don’t mind. It’s what I look for, it’s what I love to shoot. And let’s not forget about light! I do love a good sunset, but I also loooooove window light, and dramatic light, and little pockets of light, and dappled light, and really just any and all light! So a moment and some light, that’s what I love!


But sometimes inspiration can be lacking. I’ll feel like I’m shooting the same thing over and over again. I know I love a moment and light, but I’ll want to push myself to try something different. I’ll want to get out of my comfort zone. And this is when I need to think outside the box!

Whenever I feel like this, I head to the bathroom! Not to use it, or to lock myself in for some time alone, or to scroll my phone, or to just sit and think. But to shoot! It’s become my unexpected place where I’ve created some of my most favourite images!


Now it’s not just because it gets pretty light in the afternoon (because I’ll shoot in there anytime of day, even at night with artificial light), but because it forces me to get creative! It’s a confined space and it’s not huge so I have to really think about my angles and perspective (and of course for privacy purposes of my subject!). There’s also only so many things we do in the bathroom so I mix up what I shoot, and have even made a few portraits in there!

It’s not even just the bathrooms in our current house, because it’s been all bathrooms in previous houses we lived in, hotels, places we've visited, and houses we've stayed in. There’s just something, unexpected, about a bathroom that has me running to grab my camera.


It may not be the bathroom for you, but if you find yourself needing a boost, think outside the box! Try something different. Something you wouldn’t normally think you would love. Something that is not typically what, where or how you shoot.

It could be:

  • a certain room

  • a specific place

  • a different subject

  • a still life

  • a lens

  • a specific perspective

  • a different shooting style or technique

  • a different editing style

You know what you love, but sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and look to the unexpected!


- Jenny

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