Creativity Exercise: Look at the Camera

Sometimes, there’s nothing like plunging in and seeing where it takes you!

That’s what we’re going to do this week. The plunge? You’re going to set your camera up, point it at you, and then you’re going to look straight into the lens.


I know, scary!


So often you’ll hear us tell you that if you’re nervous of a self portrait, to look away from the camera, but this week we’re throwing that to the wind and embracing the vulnerability that comes with looking straight into the camera.

As Tyra would say, get your SMEYES on and go for it!


Before you get going, think a bit about your expression. Do you want a big-teeth-showing smile? Serious? Laughing (it’s ok to laugh at your own jokes!). If you’re feeling super awkward, give your head and lips a huge shake (ya, you’ll look nuts) and then stop the motion, look at the lens and hit the remote!


We can’t wait to see your beautiful face! Make sure to tag us on IG @unscriptedmentoring so we can see what you come up with!

-Kelly + Jenny