Creativity Exercise: Daily Life

We’ve so enjoyed exploring self portraits all month and we hope you’ve been able to try new techniques, experiment and document yourself!

We’ve danced, flipped hair and ran, looked at the camera and got all moody, so this week, we’re going to incorporate a more documentary style to our self portraits.

This week your challenge is to create a self portrait that shows a part of your daily life.

Documentary style self portrait.jpg

Think about those things you do that you don’t feel are particularly photo worthy, and document that!

A few ideas to get you thinking:

  • making coffee

  • loading/unloading the dishwasher

  • doing dishes

  • brushing kid hair

  • setting the table

  • working

  • cooking

  • making beds

  • vacuuming

  • washing windows

  • putting on makeup

  • loading/unloading the car

  • buckling kids in car seats

  • yard work


Although the image itself will take on a documentary style, take some time to think about how to set up your camera so that you can still have intentional composition and lighting.


If you have an interval timer (Nikon shooters) on your camera, this might be a really great time to use it so that you can set things up and then just go about your routine.

And! If you’re feeling EXTRA ADVENTUROUS you could document your whole day in a series of self portraits, starting with your morning routine and ending with your going-to-bed routine.


Show us what you come up with so we can show you some love! Tag us on Instagram (@unscriptedmentoring) as we’d love to see a glimpse into your daily routines.

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