Creativity Exercise: through the door

One of the most readily available framing elements in a home is a door frame. Shooting through a door results in an image that has a feel of ‘peeking in’ on the action - that you’re truly documenting a scene from afar. Shooting through a doorway can also be a great way to make an image without your subject knowing - it’s one of my favourite ways to sneak up on my kids and they often don’t even know I’m there. It can also be a great tool to use if you’re making a slideshow or telling a story with a series of images - start outside the room shooting in, then work your way closer and closer to your subject.


When shooting through a doorway, you have a few options on how to compose your image. You can stand down a hallway and shoot in at an angle, shoot straight through the doorway, or manipulate the door so that it provides more or less of a peek into the room.


As you’ll often be shooting from a darker hallway to a brighter room, the image will naturally have darker shadows on the outside of the frame, so make sure to expose for your subject, not the hallway.


Depending at what angle you shoot at, your lines can get a little bit wonky, so keep in mind while you’re shooting that you might need some extra wiggle room on the edges to crop and straighten in post processing. The upright tool in Lightroom will also be your friend on images like this.


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