Creativity Exercise: Shooting Geometry - Circles and Ovals

The basic elements of composition are line, shape, form, texture and colour. Incorporating geometry into your composition can add structure, organisation and interest within the photo. Geometric elements are simple, recognisable forms - squares, circles, triangles, lines and curves. 

We’ve already explored capturing squares and rectangles and this week we’re going to look for and shoot circles and ovals.


Shapes are everywhere. They are often the first thing you’ll see when looking at a scene - whether you realise it or not. Incorporating shapes into your images can emphasize ares of interest, can lead viewers through a specific visual pathway, can connect or separate areas of the image, and can add structure and organisation to your image.

Using shapes in your composition can also help contribute to your photograph’s overall feel and can give your image a sense of stability and regularity. Rounded shapes can create a sense of movement because of the lack of corners and edges. In a mechanical world, circles are strong and the same applies in a photography world. Despite being strong, they can also look soft and organic. Adjusting your perspective for many circular objects will allow that object to take on more than one shape and feel. A coffee mug for example, shot from the side may look like a cylinder, but when shot from above will look like a perfect circle.

Circles are everywhere! The occur naturally in nature and man made objects are full of them. When you train your eye to look for circles, you will start to see more of them than ever before!

As always, we’d love to see your circle images so please tag us with #unscriptedmentoring on IG so we can find you.

Happy circle seeking and shooting!

- Jenny

P.S. We'll explore other shapes in future weeks.