O'Clock Project 2019 - The Roundup

On May 1 we embarked on a month long creativity exercise called The O’Clock Project.

The premise was pretty simple. Choose your craziest hour of your day, then take a photo each and every day of May during THAT hour and attempt to find some beauty in the chaos.

We invited you all to join along with us and we so enjoyed seeing the images tagged to Instagram each day from around the world. We all live different lives with difference circumstances, but one thing was clearly abundant, beauty CAN be found almost anywhere and even the most mundane moments at home can become pretty special when they are part of a collective project.

As a final wrap up to the project, we’re each sharing our favourite images from the month along with a bit about how we felt about the project.


This was my 4th time doing this project, and surprisingly, this year was the easiest! I’m not sure if it’s because we had good weather for most of it so we were outside and busy, or if because my kids are just that much older and our witching hour isn’t quite as intense, but either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the project this go-around.

My chosen hour was 6:30-7:30pm…that hour when everyone is getting pretty tired (including me!) and I’m ready to get the bed time routine moving faster so that kids are tucked in for the night. I know I’m not the only one who feels like those last 20 minutes before bed drag on for 3 hours, right???

One thing I love about this project is that it makes me think of things to do with the kids. I really didn’t want 31 photos of my kids just playing their tablets after dinner, so I was often thinking of how we could do a different activity that I hadn’t shot yet. I didn’t set up the shot or pose my kids in any way, more just said ‘let’s get out and play'‘ and then see what unfolded. Just that simple act of suggesting new things made our evenings more fun and took my kids’ attention off of my camera.

Here are my favourites from the month:


This was my first time taking part in this project and I may have underestimated how hard it would be! I’ve completed two 365 projects before so I thought a month of daily shooting would be a piece of cake, but I quickly realised that although I still shoot regularly, I’m not a daily shooter (or a daily editor) anymore…I had to set two reminders on my phone so I wouldn’t forget to make my images!

I chose to photograph our morning rush from 7:15-8:15am. It is autumn here and I was hoping I could use the beautiful morning light in our house to my advantage, but unfortunately we had A LOT of grey and wet days so I had to get creative with light and embrace artificial light at times. I was a bit worried I would make a lot of breakfast eating images so I really tried to push myself to get creative and not just shoot the kitchen table everyday. Although I made a few breakfast images throughout the month, none of them are my favourites.

Creativity was definitely pushed this month, which was the idea. But I now also have a month’s worth of personal images and memories captured that I would’ve otherwise let go by, and for that reason I have loved the last month!

Here are my favourites from the month:

Although we’re technically done the project for 2019, if you’re feeling inspired and want to try this project for yourself, we encourage you to do so! We’d love it if you tag us on Instagram (@unscriptedmentoring) so that we can see what you’re up to and cheer you on!

-Kelly + Jenny