Quick Tip Roundup

Quick lifestyle photography tips and tricks.
  • When you’re struggling with color or highlights/shadows in Lightroom and you feel like you just can’t get it right, try a different background colour. You’ll be amazed at how it can change how an image looks. To change the background colour, right click on the background and then select a different colour. I find it helpful to flip between medium gray, white and black until I feel that the image looks correct with all backgrounds. - Kelly

  • Because we're in the service industry, a lot of people seem to think we're in the business of giving things away and working for pennies. No one would ever go into Target and ask the cashier to throw in a sweater for free if you buy a pair of jeans, but run a photography business and people ask for freebies and discounts all the time! So let's discuss: The discount, do you give them??? There is no right or wrong answer here and everyone will have their own business model and policies in place. ⁣
    Personally, it irks me when people ask but I've come to accept that it's part of being in this industry. As a general rule, I don't give them as it's not fair on past clients who paid the full amount. If they really want a cheaper session they can wait until I run a special offer. I also choose to gift my clients AFTER our session with extra prints and little gifts throughout the year that I build into the price of their session. If it is someone I REALLY want to work with for whatever reason, I'll come up with a payment plan or some other option for them, but generally no I don't offer discounts. - Jenny

  • If you struggle getting the focus where you want it when making self portraits using the timer, remote or interval timer try this method: Set up your tripod and position it where you want it, then get in position WITH your camera. Lock focus on your tripod where your camera will be, then go secure it in place. Start your timer, jump back into place and Voila, your focus should be right where you want it! ⁣- Jenny

  • When you use the clone/heal brush in Lightroom (hit Q to get it up quickly), Lightroom will automatically pick the area to sample from. Sometimes though (and more often than not!), the sample LR picks doesn't match what you're trying to clone at all. In that case, you can drag the sample area, but did you also know that you can use your backslash / key instead and LR will choose a new sample without you having to drag??? It'll save you a few seconds, which over thousands of photos can really add up. - Kelly

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes! The more mistakes you make, the faster you'll learn! ⁣
    Try something new - a new shooting style, a new technique, a new lens, a new lighting situation, a new angle to shoot from, a new subject...anything new, just try! Get out of your comfort zone, experiment, play, create and expect to make a whole lot of mistakes along the way. Remember everyone starts at the beginning and everyone makes mistakes (lots of them!). The trick is to turn those mistakes into lessons that will help you improve your skills. -Jenny⁣

  • Have a kiddo who likes to move? (It can be a client or your own.) Jumping on the bed is a great way to get the wiggles out, but it can also get out of control really quickly if the kid is left to their own devices. Before you know it, they'll be flipping and won't stop for even a second for you. Generally, kids really like tasks and specific directions, so I find it works to lay out a plan for the kid. Something along the lines of, "Okay, jump 3 times as high as you can, spin around once and then sit right in the middle of the bed...make sure it's the middle, that's important!". Being in the middle of the bed probably isn't THAT important to you, but if you give the kid a specific task make sure that it sounds really important. By giving these specifics, you can keep control of the situation and also make sure you have some downtime between jumping to get capture natural portraits. - Kelly 

  • Don't forget the aftermath. It's easy to get caught up in the action of the activity happening in front of your camera, but often what is left behind AFTER the activity can tell such a great story. Sometimes those images work well all on their own, and sometimes they are just what's needed to finish off a slideshow in the right way. Whether you end up using them (or including them in a gallery) in the end or not, make sure to take one last look before you move on to see if there's a story there begging to be told. - Kelly

  • One of the easiest ways to make teenagers laugh is to ask them to do something that feels silly. Ask them to all hold hands in a line and then say something along the line of, "isn't this awesome that you get to walk down this lane holding hands?? I bet you do this while you walk to the school bus, right???". Guaranteed you'll get a laugh and everyone will relax - and maybe even forget they're holding hands. Then go ahead and tell them they can let go now! - Kelly 

  • Remember babies are meant to be small, not giants. Think about your perspective, composition, angles and scale to show how tiny they truly are. If they start looking enormous, it's time to for you to move and adjust things. ⁣
    For heaps more newborn tips, hints and tricks, as well as our session flow, how to capture the baby on their own and with the entire family, and pretty much everything we've learned from working with newborns and their families over the years, check out our comprehensive guide, NEWBORNS by Unscripted. - Jenny

  • We're now a week into the #oclockproject2019 and if you're starting to struggle with ideas of what to photograph (or if you're doing a project 365 or p52 and starting to get stuck), grab a pen and a piece of paper and make a BIG running list. Write down EVERYTHING that happens during your chosen hour, even if you don't think you'd want to make a photograph of it...just write it all down!
    When inspiration is lacking, don't just make another picture of the kids having breakfast, grab your list and scan it for some ideas. Maybe you never thought you'd make a picture of you putting the laundry on, but you might surprise yourself and find some lovely light in the laundry room so today might be the day to give it a go! -Jenny