Using Photoshop to Remove Large Objects

We all know that it’s easiest to avoid the situation of having to remove unsightly large objects from an image, but sometimes it’s just not possible to shoot in a perfectly clean environment.

I recently did a maternity session that was a prime example of this. We don’t get fog in Alberta often and so I wanted to head outside for a few images to capture some posed images with the trees and fog as the background. Unfortunately, there were cars and trucks parked all along the street that I simply couldn’t avoid. I knew from the get-go that the images would take considerable work in Photoshop to achieve my final vision.

Here’s the before:

BEfore Photoshop cloning of large objects.jpg

And here’s the after:

maternity photo after using photoshop to remove large objects.jpg

No idea how to get from the before to the after?

I’ve recorded the whole thing for you in the video below, showing you step by step how I used photoshop to achieve a clean image.

Questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll be back to answer.