Creativity Exercise: One Spot, Ten Images


As photographers we're often told to move our feet, but for this exercise it's all about  you staying still and really observing what is around you. This week is all about using and working your angles within one spot. 

Your exercise this week is to stand in one spot and make ten different images. Be creative and think about all the different images you can make from one spot.

You can twist your body, bend down, reach up high, shoot from the hip, stretch out in front of you, do a backbend...whatever you would like, just try and not move your feet.

You can also experiment with different exposures, apertures and shutter speeds, or get creative with your use of light.

Look for the angles, look how the light changes as you move the camera around, look for your subjects around you, observe and look for your images before you make them. Try it using different lenses each time. You may find it easier to use zoom lens over a prime, but challenge yourself to try it with both!

You may also find this exercise gets easier the more times you do it. Try it a few times in a few different locations with different subjects or still life.

I’m a prime girl and am used to moving my feet A LOT to really work the scene, so this exercise was a challenging one for me. For my series, my daughter was playing and reading on her bed. The advantage I had was that she was moving around and playing so she was giving me different things to shoot. I stood on her bed at the opposite end from her for my one and only spot. I crouched down to her level, stood up and shot down, stretched out in front of me, spun around, leaned into the window, and stretched out back and shot up, all why keeping my feet in the same spot. I also played with my aperture and exposure a lot, and in the end I made 15 different images in about five minutes of shooting.

Remember, the end goal isn’t necessarily to create a series of images that flow together, it’s just to create ten different images. And you may not love all ten and you may not create ten masterpieces, and that’s perfectly okay. Just push yourself to try something new and get creative!

I'm excited to see what you come up with! Keep tagging your images on IG with #unscriptedmentoring.

- Jenny