Creativity Exercise: The Series Check In

Back in January we posted a creativity exercise called THE SERIES where we encouraged you to start a photography series for 2019. So, this week we’re checking in to see how it’s going.

Is it going???

We know that we often start with really good intentions and then things slide and we sort of forget about the planned photographs and before we know it, we have one photo from January and none since.

If this is you….take a breath!

It’s all ok and there’s no reason to beat yourself up. It’s April 1 and it’s time to start fresh.

If you have been trucking along with your series, then YAY YOU! Virtual pat on the back from me to you.

How’s it feeling? Have you hit any roadblocks? Is your series going strong or feeling stale already?

My series this year is called The Kitchen Counter and it’s all about capturing my girls at our kitchen counter (obvious?), where we spend such a huge chunk of our time. I try to catch at least 1 image a month in this spot, with them doing something different each time. It’s a really simple project, but one that I’m excited to carry on to see how the girls grow and change this year.

Want to share? We’d love to see. Shoot us an email with your images or post to IG and use #unscriptedmentoring

I’ll be back to check in later in the year to keep you on track!