Creativity Exercise: Fridge Light

We talk a lot about natural light around here, and we both have serious heart eyes for all thing natural light (as we’re betting you do too!). But this week we’re going to put the natural light aside and use a somewhat unexpected light source - FRIDGE LIGHT.


That’s right! It’s time to open your refrigerator and get creative.

The fridge is often an overlooked light source, but it can work really, really beautifully when you have an otherwise dark room as it provides a single light source that can usually reach several feet from your fridge.


You can use the light directly, as I have here, or you can use it even more creativity by having it be the light source but not including the fridge in the frame.

Think about all of the angles you have available to you to make unique images: straight on wide, straight on tight, overhead, from below, even shooting from inside the fridge to the outside (obviously, this will require using your remote or timer!).


Ok! Go forth and open up that fridge! I bet if you promise your kids that they can pick a snack after a few photos, they’ll probably be up for modelling (mine were!).

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