Lifestyle Newborns: How to get the most out of one tiny location

We hear it endlessly and it always goes something like this, “I’d love to shoot in my clients’ homes but the spaces I end up in never look like yours. The houses are so DARK!”

Guess what? The houses we work in and the houses you work in aren’t any different! We promise.

We aren’t only hired by people who live in mansions or in bright houses with only white walls and no clutter. We work in apartments, townhouses, old houses and new houses. It’s not about the house - it’s how you work with what’s IN the house.

If you are able to find one or 2 windows in a home, then you can do a whole session using just those little spaces around the window. The trick is using every single angle you have available to you. That means you are moving around like a crazy-person while your client gets to have a nice relaxing time sitting in window light.

We go deep into this in our new guide NEWBORNS by Unscripted, which is being released on March 1. In the guide, we give you our specific flow for shooting lifestyle newborn sessions as well as troubleshooting tips if you do happen to end up in a cave-of-a-house.

We have a whole section with 8 different examples of one tiny space and how we worked the scene to get as many images as possible from it. We talk about the little tweaks we made and how we brought in family members to achieve a varied final gallery.

Want to see what we’re talking about?

Here’s a bonus example for you that’s not included in the e-book.

This session was in a tiny little downtown condo, but they had a great window in their master bedroom which I used for a huge chunk of the session. I started with the baby alone, then brought mom in, then dad. The bed was only about 3 feet away from the window, so for all of the pulled back images I was actually laying on the bed so that I could get back far enough. I also brought my stool into the room and placed it between the bed and the window to get the overhead angles.

Want more like this? There are 8 more examples like this plus SO much more (including our session flows, what we bring to sessions, cues we give clients, suggested shot lists, troubleshooting, how to work with siblings and pets) in our new guide NEWBORNS by Unscripted.

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