What we're loving: Camera Straps


I’m a lover of hand straps! I’ve had a few different brands but the Clutch from Peak Design is my all-time favourite. It attaches really easily using the Peak Design plate, it’s made of neoprene so my hand doesn’t slip when it gets sweaty (which it does by the end of a session!), and it has a super easy cinch adjustment which doesn’t require me to take the strap off to make it larger or smaller. I also love that the fabric part of the cinch strap is big enough that I can attach little enamel pins to it so that my camera can have a bit of personality.

I do keep neck straps on both of my cameras for 2 reasons. The first is that sometimes I just need to sling it over my shoulder while I’m walking (although usually I just keep it on my hand). And the second is that if I’m shooting a baby overhead I’ll always put it on just in case my camera slips. Since I am pretty much obsessed with Peak Design, it’s not hard to guess that my favourite neck strap is the Peak Design Slide strap. Although it’s nothing fancy, I really like how it attaches to the plate at the bottom of my camera instead of attaching on the top and bottom. It just feels better when it’s on my shoulder and the camera is hanging from the bottom plate.


I’m a neck strap lover. I’m one of those people who throws my camera over my shoulder and can walk around with it there all day long. Sometimes I don’t even use it, but I’m comforted by the fact that it is right there at my fingertips should I want it in a hurry. I also like having my hands free because with three little people of my own, I usually end up holding a hand, a drink bottle, a soft toy, or a whole array of randomness that they promise they will carry but inevitably gets handed to me!

As Kelly mentioned above, having my camera around my neck for safety reasons when shooting downwards and when working with babies is a must. I’ve tried and a few different straps, including a Mickey Mouse one (a popular one with little people), but my favourite that pretty much lives on my camera is the Capturing Couture camera strap.

It’s a cloth strap so it’s nice and light, comfortable, and doesn’t irritate my neck. It also has a large zip pocket on the side so if I don’t want to bring a bag with me I can store all of my essentials there (including a phone). I wanted a cloth strap because I shoot a lot of video and I like to wrap the strap around my wrist when filming to keep my camera more stable. They come in a range of different colours and patterns to meet your personality, but I chose a darker shade because I didn’t want a light one to get and look dirty (which wouldn’t give the best first impressions when meeting clients).