Creativity Exercise: The Series

Ahhh, a fresh new year! I’m betting you’re sitting there with lofty goals when it comes to your photography, which can be truly amazing as it’ll push you, but it can also be paralyzing as it’s so much pressure (even if it’s self imposed).

There were many times in 2018 that I felt completely stagnant in my work - both personal and professional. My photos were feeling repetitive and I just couldn’t get jazzed about the light in my own home any longer. But then (often while looking for photos for these weekly exercises), I’d scroll back in my Lightroom archives and I’d see that the progress was happening, I just couldn’t see it as it was happening one teeny tiny baby step at a time. I needed a benchmark - something to prove to me that even though I felt like I was standing still, I was still moving.

So! This week we’re going to create a benchmark.

Your benchmark is going to be a photo that you feel is really solid and is representative of where you are in your photography right now. Your benchmark photo also needs to be one that can be recreated, so choose a person and/or a location that you’ll have access to throughout the year.

Your benchmark image can be one you took in the last few months of 2018, or one that you take this week.

This is mine.


Once you have your benchmark image, make sure to export it to a folder that you’re going to remember in a few months, or keyword it in your LR catalog so that you can find it again.

In 3 months we’re going to revisit this image and create it again. We’ll do this 3 more times throughout 2019 and then by the end of the year we’ll have 4 similar images that we’ll be able to assess for growth.


Go pick out that benchmark image!

We’d love to see what you chose, so go ahead and tag us on instagram using #unscriptedmentoring so that we can find you!

Here’s to an amazing year of snapping!