Creativity Exercise: Get in the Frame

We're both really strong believers in making self portraits a priority. Not only are they a great way to show everyone that you existed, they are also a form of self expression, time just for yourself and your creative side, and are a great way to learn and practice techniques that you can use when shooting other people (lighting, posing, composition). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This week our exercise is to Get in the Frame. You can shoot your whole body or just a piece of it. You can face the camera or look away. You can be by yourself or with someone. Just get in the frame in one way or another.


If you've never taken self-portraits before, we know it can be a bit scary and intimidating at first, but we promise that once you start taking them you won't want to stop!

If you're feeling nervous or shy about being in front of the camera, think outside the box. You don't need to shoot your face. Start by capturing your shadow, your hands or just your feet, find a beautiful landscape or background and immerse yourself in it. You may also find it easier to have someone with you that you can interact with so the focus isn’t solely on you.

If you’re new to self portraits, don’t overthink it and make it too difficult for yourself. Find some nice light, set yourself up and start clicking! AND don’t be too hard on yourself if you end up with more deleted images than keepers. We all make funny expressions, have body parts that aren’t our favourite, have unflattering angles, and those wrinkles…we all have them! Sometimes self portraits can be done in a few minutes and sometimes they can take some time with a bit of trial and error. Whether you only end up with one image that you keep or 25, the important thing is that you are stepping out from behind the camera, trying something new and getting in the frame!


If you’d like to share your images, we’d love to see them so please keep tagging us @unscriptedmentoring and #unscriptedmentoring on IG. If you’d rather keep the images just for you, that’s fine too, but definitely give it a go and get in the frame this week!

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- Jenny