Watch a Group Photo Critique

Have you ever wondered what photo critique was all about? Have you been interested in giving it a go, but wasn’t sure how much you would learn? Worried your images would get ripped apart? Scared or intimidated by it?

We’ve recorded three photo critiques for you to put all of your fears to rest and so you can have a little peak inside what our weekly small group critiques look like! Do you know what’s even better than having your own images critiqued? It’s being able to watch us critique other photographer’s images too!

Our Weekly Group Photo Critiques are a monthly subscription where you will have the opportunity to submit an image each and every week. We’ll tell you what’s working, what needs more thought and will give you some ideas of what you can work on going forward. You’ll not only see your own critique, but also the critiques of the other photographers in your group!

Want to give it a go? Sign up today and receive your first two weeks FREE! This is your chance to try out the critiques and see if they are the right fit for you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!