Creativity Exercise: The Feet

When photographing the human body, we often look to the face first. We capture the eyes, the mouth, the expressions. Another popular body part to photograph is the hands. The hands are so revealing and can often tell a story all on their own. But what about the feet???


The feet are an important part of the body that are often ignored. They are our foundation that keep us upright, they take us where we want to go one step at a time. They have their own style with their choice of footwear, they can be decorated with nail polish and tattoos, they may be furry or scaley (think of your pets), they come in all different sizes and shapes. And they deserve to be photographed too and not forgotten about!

This week our exercise is to photograph feet and make them the focus of the image. Make the feet the star and have them tell their own story. There are no rules - you can photograph your own feet or someone else’s (including your pets), you can be inside or out, you can use natural light or artificial, you can include the rest of the body or not. Try not to just look down and photograph them over and over again, but think about your angles, your composition, your aperture. Try and get creative and push yourself to try something new and create as many different images as you can as the week progresses.

Be sure to tag your images on IG with @unscriptedmentoring and #unsriptedmentoring so we can find your feet and share some love!

- Jenny