Creativity Exercise: Faceless Portraits

As humans, we naturally look to faces first. We read people's expressions, we look to the eyes for strength or vulnerability, we read emotions...we use people's faces to help tell the story of the moment. But what if we didn't have the face to look at? How would you tell a story without a face? This week, we're going to find out as we're going to make Faceless portraits.  


Within your frame, what other elements can use to tell the story? 

  • Body language

  • Clothing

  • Objects and props around the subject

  • The environment

  • Shadows

  • Head turns

  • Body parts

You can simply crop your subject's head out of the frame.


You can have your subject turn around and shoot them from behind. 


You can incorporate objects or props that will help to tell the story.


You can capture the details.


You can cover your subject's face with their hands or an object. 


It can be tempting to get in tight, but resist taking nothing but close-ups. Back up and include the environment. 


As always, have fun with the exercise! You can shoot self-portraits, your children, your partner, or even strangers. Just remember to try and use strong storytelling to engage your viewer in a meaningful way.

Be sure to tag your Faceless Portraits with #unscriptedmentoring on IG so we can send some love your way!

- Jenny