Creativity Exercise: Shooting Geometry - Squares & Rectangles


The basic elements of composition are line, shape, form, texture and colour. Incorporating geometry into your composition can add structure, organisation and interest within the photo. Geometric elements are simple, recognisable forms - squares, circles, triangles, lines and curves. 

You can incorporate geometric shapes in their true form (a rectangular window or door)  or in their perceived form (using a horizon line to split your image into two rectangles). For this week's exercise though, we are going to focus on photographing shapes in their true form.

This week we're going to open our eyes to shapes and shoot squares and rectangles. If you look through your archives you'll probably find you've been subconsciously incorporating shapes, in both their true and perceived form, all along. But this week we're going to work to train our eyes to become aware of the shapes around us and how we can incorporate them intentially into our work. When you really start looking for them, you'll start to see and be aware of shapes everywhere. 

Squares and rectangles suggest the idea of conformity and order. They convey the feeling of balance and symmetry and are anchored to their straight sides. Differing sizes of squares can give a sense of distance or perspective. You can use them to frame your subject, to balance your subject, or to be the subject themselves. 

We'll explore other shapes and their perceived form in future weeks. 

Please tag us at #unscriptedmentoring on IG so we can see and share your square and rectangle images you create this week! 

Have fun and happy shooting!