Creativity Exercise: The 5 Minute Session

One thing a lot of people struggle with in photography is finding balance. Between shooting, editing, studying and learning, connecting with others on social media, and possibly running a business, photography can be all consuming! In particular when your journey is just beginning, you may feel like you need to be shooting all of the time to make amazing images. But this isn't the case! You can get some balance back into your life if you put the camera down for a bit. You can still shoot daily to practice, learn and capture your moments, but if you shoot with intent you don't need to shoot all day...also meaning you don't need to edit all night!

This week we're going to put some balance back into our lives and shoot 5 minute sessions. You may be surprised and relived to find that you can shoot a series and tell a story with your images in only 5 minutes.


Choose something you'd like to capture - breakfast, homework, bath time, bedtime, playing at the playground, playing with the dog, game time, story time, hanging the laundry, etc, etc. It can literally be anything, but before you pick up the camera know what it is you want to shoot and think about the shots you want to get. 

Set your watch, your phone, your oven timer, anything with an alarm to 5 minutes. This is important as it can be easy to keep shooting beyond the 5 minutes. When you start shooting, shoot with intent. Don't just 'spray and pray' but rather, make each image count. Work the scene your'e trying to capture. Get in tight, go out wide, shoot from all angles, shoot the details, tell the story! When the alarm sounds, stop shooting, put down the camera, be satisfied that you captured the scene and be present. 


When you edit your 5 Minute Session, cull it down and only edit the strongest images. You may only have one great image, or you might have 10. The beauty of it is, you only spent 5 minutes shooting it! Practice it everyday this week, or if time allows, try twice a day. Want to challenge yourself even further, set the timer for 3 minutes!

Have fun capturing your stories and getting a bit of time back this week! We'd love to see what you create so be sure to tag #unscriptedmentoring on Instagram. We'll talk more about balance and tips to try and find it in future posts. 

- Jenny