Creativity Exercise: Food

I wrote on Instagram earlier this week how shooting food is one of the ways that I bust myself out of a creative rut. I don't claim to be an expert food photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes, thinking about something other than my kids or client sessions can be all I need to feel invigorated again. 

Food photography can be as formal or as casual as you'd like it to be. You can set up reflectors, backgrounds, splatter spices and toss flour, or you can simply let it be. 

I really love to have some sort of movement in each photo - much like when I shoot kids and families. Having movement adds interest and draws your viewer into your story a bit more. 

Food photography is also a great way to add in objects of visual interest that you might not get a chance to use on a regular basis - pretty bowls, dish towels, old silver spoons, cloth napkins. 

So! This week, your assignment is to go out and shoot some food! That's it. No other restrictions at all. 

Make images while you cook it, after it's done, while little hands create, or set up a beautiful scene that's there to showcase an incredible meal. This can be as fine art or as documentary as you'd like. Food in the frame? Then you're good to go! 

As always, keep in mind your composition and story, even though your subject isn't a human, there's still a story to tell!

Often, the easiest way to shoot food is overhead, but don't forget to try getting low for some cool reflections or to see food a way that we're not used to. If you have a macro lens you can even bust that out and show us a different take on a food item. 


We'd love to see what you come up with! Post to IG and make sure to #unscriptedmentoring so that we can see your work. We'll be featuring images from our community throughout the week as well as sharing our own food images. 

Have fun!