Creativity Exercise: One Window, Multiple Images

A window is SO versatile and the opportunities are pretty much endless with the ways to use it...backlight, sidelight, front light, hard light, soft light, split light. This week we’re going to work with ONE window using its light in THREE different ways to make THREE very different images.

You can do this exercise in a few minutes in one sitting by moving your body and adjusting your angles, or you can wait for the light to change and shoot it throughout the course of a day. However, you wish to shoot it, try and make your three images in one day. You can include your window in your images, but you don’t have to, so feel free to share a pullback as well. 

If you have a favourite window in your house that you use a lot, challenge yourself and use a different one for this exercise, maybe even use one you wouldn't think to use….you might surprise yourself and discover a new favourite! 


Have fun with this one!

We'd love to see what you create! Post to Instagram using the hashtag #unscriptedmentoring

- Jenny