Quick Tip Round-Up

  • Have a location that isn’t very interesting or have something you’d like to hid?? Hide behind a plant or bush and use it to frame your subject, add visual interest AND hide objects. No plant? Grab something else (or even a house plant!) and hold it in front of your lens as you shoot. - Kelly

  • If you’re struggling for inspiration, visit someplace new! You don’t need to go on an expensive holiday overseas or even travel too far from home. Check out a local park you’ve never been to before, a different beach, a museum, gallery or shop, wander down a new street or visit a different neighbourhood. New places bring new perspectives, new people, new light and new inspiration! - Jenny

  • When you’re shooting do you think about transitions? I always think about my whole session as a movie - even though it’s in stills. How am I going to bring my viewer along on the journey? Are they going to be confused or am I going to give them the images required for the whole thing to make sense. Transitions can be trick as they often require forethought and a bit of planning. You have to anticipate what’s going to happen next and be ready for the shot. - Kelly

  • If you're taking portraits with your kids set a time limit and stick to it. If you tell them it'll take 5 minutes then go ahead and get all set up and then have them come in and be done in 5 minutes. If you make it painful they won't want to participate. - Jenny

  • Let's talk products! If you're in business, then you've encountered the overwhelming task of choosing which products to offer your clients. It can be all-consuming, can't it? It's easy to want to offer everything to everyone. Over the years, I've found that narrowing down my product line has actually helped me sell way MORE print products. My clients aren't overwhelmed with options, and I've worked hard to ensure the products I offer are what my ideal client wants. As a result, I offer only 2 album choices and hand torn, fine art prints in only 5x7 and 8x10. I took wall art off my offerings a few years ago, and at the time it felt super scary, but the more I dug into getting to know my clients, the more I realized they weren't huge canvas people. The resulting offerings that I do have feel really curated and special and it's so easy for me to sell them as I'm confident in their quality and usefulness. - Kelly

  • If you run a photography business, don’t go crazy and waste your money ordering hundreds and hundreds of marketing materials. It’s usually cheaper to buy in bulk but unless you’re doing big events and handing out heaps at a time, you’ll most definitely want to update your business cards/gift certificates/referral cards/thank you cards/etc before you get through 500 of them! Save yourself some money, and remember less is better than more! - Jenny

  • If you’re shooting a session, never (ever!) put your camera away. 95% of the time I get a shot I absolutely love once I utter the words “ok guys, we are all done!”. Even as you’re walking to the door or to your car, keep your camera in your hand and turned on instead of putting it away in your bag. Usually once you say you’re done, then guards go down and natural emotion comes spilling out and you get that one last shot that ends everything on the best note. - Kelly

  • We spend a lot of time on the back-end of our website writing blog posts, updating images, moving things around, checking analytics, etc but when was the last time you looked at your website as a potential client would??? Speaking from experience where I unknowingly disabled a page from my site and didn’t notice it for over two weeks...and not just any page, but my PORTFOLIO page😱, consider this your PSA...once a week jump onto your website. Spend two minutes making sure it looks okay, everything is loading properly, your links and contact forms are working, and your formatting is all correct. Your website is your first impression to your potential clients so be sure to give it the time it deserves. -Jenny