10 Photography Blog Posts You Can Write Right Now - Even If You Don't Have Any Sessions

We've all been there.....knowing we should blog and that it's good for increasing traffic and SEO, but OHMYGOD I just don't waaaaaaant to. Right?

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I've been there more times than I can count and I've stared at that darn blinking cursor for way too many hours. Here are 10 quick blogging ideas you can blog right now, even if you don't have any sessions to share. Take them and run with them - make them your own.

Make sure to keep in the back of your mind while writing that you're always trying to answer questions for potential clients or making content that is easily sharable.

What I bring to a session and why

Explain what you bring and what clients can expect. Even though you say you use natural light, not everyone will know what that means and they'll expect you to show up with light stands. You can make this really simple or more involved by showing what's in your bag.

How to prepare for your session

Tell clients what they can do to be best prepared. Talk about cleaning the house, keeping it warm for baby, making sure kids are fed, etc, etc.

What to wear for your session

Explain about coordinating but not matching and give examples of colour families. You can use Polyvore to put together sample outfits or even go through your own closets to make up flat lays and photograph them.

My favourite phone photography apps

Do a post with tips your clients can implement to help them take better photos with their phone.

Favourite personal images from the past xxx

You can do this as frequently as you'd like and could even do it weekly if you feel like it. Explain that you believe in photographs and therefore photograph your own family just like you do your clients, then share some of your favourite personal images.

Favourite things to do in our town

Depending on your niche this will have a different focus. If you shoot families talk about the favourite family-friendly activities or diners or ice cream shops, etc, etc. If you shoot babies you can talk about baby friendly activities or stores/products. If you've visited with your family and have photos of the activity make sure to include it.

Your house is not too xxxx

This can have a million variations, but the goal is to relieve people's anxiety about booking a session. Your house is not too small, not too dark, not too messy, etc, etc. Explain how you work in this particular situations and that it's all ok. If you have examples from the past make sure to share them.

How I started in photography

Share your journey, what courses you've taken, how you decided to be in business, etc.

X number of activities we can do during your next session

People need concrete ideas. Provide a list of ideas of activities they can do during a session. This will vary if you do in home or outdoor sessions, and make sure to only list things you're actually willing to do. If you have examples from past sessions make sure to include them.

Highlight each of the print products you offer

Talk about why you chose it and why people should buy it. Talk about the quality, the life expectancy, ways they can display it, how they order it, how you design it, how it will be delivered, etc, etc.

If you just can’t find the time for blogging, Jenny did a really awesome voice memo this week about batch work and how she manages to get all her blogging done for the week in a few hours a month. The memo was delivered as part of the business tips mailing list, but if you missed it, you can still sign up here and have access to that memo PLUS my tutorial on how to use Smart Previews to edit on the go.

- Kelly

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