Creativity Exercise: House Tour

This week we are going to get super comfortable shooting in our homes.

Most of us already shoot in our homes on a regular, if not everyday, basis. And we usually have our favourite spots and rooms where we know and love the light where we shoot all the time. We also usually have those rooms we avoid shooting in…the messy, dark, small ones.

But this week we’re not going to play favourites and will be shooting in ALL of our rooms! Whether you have a big house, small house, light filled house, dark house, messy house or clean house, you should LOVE shooting in your home. It’s where your memories are made. It’s where your stories are told. EVEN in those messy, dark and small rooms.


While building the house we currently live in, we rented a house for a year that I absolutely hated. It was very old, very dark, had very strange decor and it was definitely not a house I was proud to show off. But it served its purpose as a short term rental and we lived and created memories there with our children for a year. I wasn’t going to let a year go by without documenting anything indoors so I learned to embrace the light, or lack there of. I got creative with my compositions. I used the odd decor as part of my storytelling. That house was part of our journey, our story, and despite not liking it, it still deserved to be captured. Looking back now, some of my favourite images were made in that house.


Your exercise this week is to go on a tour of your house with your camera. Make an image in every room. Yes, EVERY room. Include the closets, garage, bathrooms, sheds and those messy, dark and small rooms. Look at the light, look at the architecture, look to see what is happening in each room. How can you make a good and interesting image with what is available to you?

I’d recommend you do this at least twice in one day if you can. Walk around and make your images in the morning and then again in the afternoon. How has the light changed? How has what is happening in the room changed? Do you prefer one room more at a particular time of day? Then try it again on another day when the weather is different (cloudy vs. sunny).


A few tips:

  • Don’t be afraid of the mess. Use it to tell a story. Or find a way to avoid shooting it - shoot above it, below it, around it, through it, etc.

  • Use the light, or lack of light, to your advantage and to enhance the mood of the image. All rooms aren’t light and airy, so don’t try and make all of your images light and airy.

  • If your rooms are empty you can still make a great image. Capture still life, the architecture, the light.

  • If you have a room you don’t like, spend a bit of extra time in there. Let that dislike of the room, push you to create something special in there!

This week should be fun and reinvigorate your love for personal shooting within your home. As always, we’d love to see the images you make so please keep tagging #unscriptedmentoring on Instagram.

- Jenny

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