Creativity Exercise | Breakfast of Champions

How do you like your eggs??? We’re all going to find out because we’ll be shooting our breakfasts everyday this week!


Your breakfast may seem like a mundane, everyday activity and something that isn’t very exciting to shoot. BUT I’ve been shooting our breakfasts for years and I love it! From capturing the warm sun streaming in, to the Sunday morning pancake and waffle tradition, to the crazy morning routine before school, to our lazy days eating on the sofa watching cartoons. I love looking back at the images now and seeing how our breakfasts have changed from the way the kids eat, to the food they eat, to the dishes they eat off of.

Photographing the same activity again and again could easily get boring though. And shooting the same activity and same subject in the same way all the time will definitely get boring for your viewers. The challenge this week is to find new and creative ways to shoot your breakfast everyday.


We want to see a week of your breakfasts. There are no real rules besides making an image every morning that is different to the last. Try and think outside the box. You can include yourself, your children, your husband, your pets. You can shoot the meal prep or the aftermath mess. Think about your perspectives, your angles, your aperture.

As always, we’ll be shooting along with you and would love to see how you go so be sure to tag your images #unscriptedmentoring.

Have fun, enjoy your breakfast and happy shooting!